SCANFIRE ® ABA 6010 - 300/500 V

FSS cable


SCANFIRE® ABA 6010 are halogen free, fireproof, twisted signal cables. They are suited for the industry and building installations, public buildings, data centers and power stations. The cables are especially suited as fireproof cables for FSS, emergency and panic lights.



Bare Cu, class 1


Special silicon rubber

Conductor color

Blue, black

Outer sheath

Halogen free polyolefine, white or red

Technical data

Working temperature

-30° C to +90° C

Rated voltage

300/500 V

Bend radius

8 x cable diameter

Technical comments

*UV stabilized only applies to 699001310R
Firetested at 850 °C acc. to EN 50200
Conductor resistance: 43,8 Ω/km



EN 50575, EN 50200 / IEC 60331-2, IEC 60331, IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3, IEC 60754-2, IEC 61034, CE, RoHS
Bending radius 8 x cable diameter
Environmentally friendly
Fire retardant acc. to IEC 60332-3
Flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1
For emergency circuits
For use in homes
Halogen free
Low emission of corrosive gases acc. to IEC 60754
Low smoke emission during fire acc. to 61034
Max. working temp. +90° C
Min. working temperature -30° C
Operation secured acc. to IEC 60331
Suited for public places
SKU EAN CPR Dimension (mm) Current Value (A) Winding Color Diameter (mm)* Weight (kg/km)*
699001310 5704403036646 - 1x2x1 13 T-500 Hvid 5 37
699001310C 5704403202324 Cca-s1,d1,a1 1x2x1 13 T-500 Hvid 5 37
699001310R 5704403131716 - 1x2x1 13 T-500 Rød 5 37
699001310RC 5704403202331 Cca-s1,d1,a1 1x2x1 13 T-500 Rød 5 37